How PD Series Dispensers Works

The work force behind the PD Series Dispensers is the supply fluid pressure. It can operate from a gravity-fed fluid supply or an existing pressure source or pressure tank. This patented concept offers a simpler, more compact, and more efficient way to gently dispense fluid with high accuracy compared to any other device on the market. The fixed volume of the internal ceramic piston ensures consistent performance with minimal maintenance required. It also eliminates the risk of incorrect dose volume, a common issue with other manually adjusted designs and peristaltic pumps. The PD Dispenser can transfer a precise amount of fluid without being affected by how long it’s open or the pressure of the fluid supply.


The Paradigm dispensing solution outperforms existing technology available on the market. Enhance your production system’s precision and accuracy with our latest PD Series dispensing system.

  • Fixed Volume Displacement (0.25-30 ml)
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5% *
  • Line Speed: 60 doses/min *
  • Life: 10 million Cycles
  • Simple 24VDC Operation (On / Off)
  • Self Priming *
  • Easy Disassembly for Cleaning
  • No Rotating Parts (Ceramic-No Dynamic Seals)
  • Fluid Source: Gravity or Pressure up to 30 PSI
  • Small Mounting Footprint
    (* fluid dependent)


+/- 0.5% at total volume

Pressure Range

0.5 / 30 PSI

Max Viscosity

21 mm²/sec


Up to 60 cycles a minute

Fluid Ports

UNF 5/16-24 Flat Bottom Boss

Voltage Power Consumption

1-3 watts per valve (model dependent)

Wetted Materials (Standard)

Piston Assembly-Ceramic
Body-Stainless Steel 316
Seals-EPDM, Viton

Quiet Operation

< 20DB (A)

Duty Cycle


Protection Class



Contact us and let us demonstrate the Paradigm Dispenser capabilities!

  • Product testing with customer’s fluid with Certificate of Compliance report
  • We will design a custom liquid dispensing system and completely test all functionality before delivery and installation.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing: We provide an FAT for every custom liquid dispensing system for all functionality and is approved by the customer before delivery and installation.
  • All custom systems include a Project Binder. It includes Project Scope, Assembly Drawings, 3D Models, BOM’s, MS Project Timeline, Recommended Spare Parts List, Wetted Materials List, and Vendor’s Literature.