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Paradigm Solutions brings you the latest, automated, turnkey dispensing solutions to reduce cost, waste, and maintenance for accuracy and efficiency.

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The Paradigm dispensing solution beats existing technology available on the market. Enhance your production system’s precision and accuracy with our latest PD Series dispensing system.

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The Single Dose Station can be absolutely critical in highly accurate setting such as laboratory settings and pharmaceutical testing applications.   

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A mobile Multi-Dispenser setup can be customized for your specific application.

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We can scale the Paradigm Solutions dispensers to to match and exceed the output volumes needed in your facility.

The highly accurate dispensers from Paradigm Solutions can be adapted to any application. From a single dose station to an almost unlimited number of stations packaged as a dosing unit. It is not uncommon for us to evaluate the need in your facility and custom design the right number of dispensing units to handle the extremely accurate output volumes desired.

Paradigm - Other Advantages

  • Simplicity: These units are designed with simplicity in mind, which eliminates many of the moving parts. Thus, greatly reducing the chance of failure.
  • Lower Cost: We design the dispensers to be absolutely cost-effective, reliable, and extremely accurate.
  • ROI: We design these systems with your bottom line in mind. Because they are as accurate as systems that are 10 times more complicated, your cost of acquisition is low, your fluid accuracy is much higher, your costs go down, and your return on investment is achieved much sooner.
  • In house Testing Capabilities: We will design a custom liquid dispensing system and completely test all functionality before delivery and installation.


Learn more about the technical details of the new PD Series Dispensers.


+/- 0.5% at total volume

Pressure Range

0.5 / 30 PSI

Max Viscosity

21 mm²/sec


Up to 60 cycles a minute

Fluid Ports

UNF 5/16-24 Flat Bottom Boss

Voltage Power Consumption

1-3 watts per valve (model dependent)

Welted Materials (Standard)

Piston Assembly-Ceramic
Body-Stainless Steel 316
Seals-EPDM, Viton

Quiet Operation

< 20DB (A)

Duty Cycle


Protection Class


Take a look at how our new PD Series Dispensers work.