Precision to Increase Profit

High-precision scalable, automated dispenser systems that are so simple, your ROI is quickly reached.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Paradigm PD dispensers eliminate the risk of improper volume dispensing common to manually adjusted designs.

Consistent Performance

The fixed volume of the internal ceramic piston provides consistent performance.

Efficient Dispensing

Our PD dispensers provide a simpler, more compact, and more efficient way to dispense fluid gently.

The Paradigm Advantage

Low Cost for Faster ROI
Material Cost Savings
Fixed Volume Displacement (50-5000UL)
Life: 10 Million Cycles
Simple 24VDC Operation (On / Off)
Easy Disassembly & Cleaning
No Rotating Parts (Ceramic-No Seals)
Fluid Source: Gravity or Pressure up to 30 PSI
Self-Priming & Small Mounting Footprint

Paradigm Solutions

Precision to Increase Your Profit

The Paradigm-Solutions system was born out of necessity because our clients asked us for a more reliable and highly accurate liquid dispensing platform that could operate 24/7. Also, one that increased accuracy of the volume dispensed to under 1%. So, we created a better mouse trap. Our dispenser systems operate at up to 60 cycles per minute and at an accuracy of +/- 0.5% at total volume. What this means is you dispense just the right amount of fluid each time and no more. Meaning an expedited ROI and more profit to your bottom line.

Innovation & Quality

Paradigm Solutions offers industry changing, superior quality products for any application where highly accurate liquid dispensing is a must. With our ISO 9001–AS9100-certified quality products, we can meet any national or international set of standards.

How PD Series Dispensers Works

The PD Series Dispensers can operate from a gravity-fed fluid supply or an existing pressure source. This patented concept offers a simpler, more compact, and more efficient way to dispense fluid gently with high accuracy compared to any other device on the market. The fixed volume of the internal ceramic piston ensures consistent performance with minimal maintenance required. It also eliminates the risk of incorrect dose volume, a common issue with manually adjusted designs.

Our Approach

Simpler & Better Dispensing Solutions

Our team of engineers and technicians believed there was a better and much simpler way to dispense a precise volume of liquid. Paradigm engineers accomplished this by combining the best characteristics of several standard dispensing methods into a much smaller and simpler device.

Whatever you need, let Paradigm’s Solutions team of experts help you solve your problems with your current, inefficient, fluid dispensing system.

Simpler Design

Without the complication and expense of programmable servo motors, the innovative design of the new PD Dispensers meets our customers’ requirements for precise and accurate volumes.

Reduced Cost

The precision of the PD 3 device results in significant cost savings for our clients, as it reduces the waste caused by overdosing with other existing technologies.

Turnkey Automated System

The PD Dispenser can transfer a precise amount of fluid without being affected by how long it’s open or the pressure of the fluid supply.

This means you do not need a programmer or control expert to operate the dispenser. All that is required is a minimum fluid pressure (fluid dependent) and a 24 VDC input signal. We can create a custom dispenser system for your production line, from a small, manually operated benchtop test station to a complete turnkey automated system with robotic material handling.